Crispy Skin Fish Method

This is my method to simply cook a large salmon filet that will feed two or more people.

It's very important that prior to cooking, the skin of the salmon has been both scored with a knife (to prevent buckling under heat) & patted dry with a paper towel. Any type of fat that is added to the skin hereafter will be able to reach a much higher tempurature because of the lack of water moisture (which would limit temps from going above 212º until complete evaporation, at which point this fish might well be fully cooked and the skin soggy).

I like to use nothing more than slices of citrus, paprika and salt when preparing my salmon. More often than not, I'll heavily season the flesh side leaving the skin side totally bare and able to crisp, uninhibited by anything other than the cooking fat of choice (oil, butter etc.) 

There are 2 ways to go about this: the first is with an excellent heavy bottomed non-stick pan. Get it quite hot - add your fat and place the salmon skin side down in the fat. season the flesh side with salt, paprika and the slices of lemon. Try to cook 90% on the skin side - you can watch the heat come up the sides of the fish by monitoring the color change. A simple kiss of heat on the other side of the fish is optional. Aim to cook under temp rather than over. 

The second method is to place the lemon wedges on a sheet tray season the flesh side of the fish with salt and paprika and place it flesh side down, on top of the lemon wedges (which do double duty as a non sticking agent and a flavor agent). With the skin facing upward the slits that you've made will be staring you in the face - butter or salt or both in those slits are a great idea. The tray then is inserted about 6" below your broil, which will be set to high - cook for 5-7 minutes, again aim for under temp, you can always add more heat, but it can never be taken back.  

Regardless of which path of cooking you choose, the salmon should be presented on a family style platter, skin side up. Herbs such as tarragon, dill, basil, mint or parsley can be hard torn overtop or lightly dressed in a simply oil / vinegar dressing and then sprinkled over top. When slicing each piece it's important to allow the knife to work through the skin, gently saw until you've cut through without damaging it. This is my go-to method for cooking salmon, I hope you enjoy it, send me a message on instagram @FrankieCooks and let me know how it went for you.  

Below are photos of the oven broiled salmon (on a wooden board) The pan cooked crispy salmon in a pan - and the final result (on a plate).