I grew up as a performer and have always loved to share my work. Writing and playing music came just before my life long obsession with photography and video editing. In 2001, I began digging up my Italian-American family history and heritage. Cooking and dining quickly became the central theme of my search when I realized that it is precisely food that has brought families, cultures and the ages closer together since the beginning of time. That’s when I caught the (cooking) bug.

In 2009, I collaborated for the first time with my brother Luke, on a vision I had for a very sensual cooking show. Since one cannot taste or smell though the screen, Luke’s music would have to be composed according to onscreen actions. The result is visually and aurally very satisfying, and the closest a viewer will get to the actual physical and tactile experience of being present ‘in cucina.’

I'm currently working with Tastemade with whom I've created "Frankie's World", over 100 "Recipe Cards", and travel content shot in Hawaii, Italy, Las Vegas & NYC. All in all I've created well over 24hrs of content on YouTube, 19 half-hour shows that air on NYCMedia. "Frankie Cooks" has won 5 New York Emmy® Awards (Outstanding Informational/Instructional Series 2013) (Outstanding Musical Composition 2014) (Outstanding Lifestyle Series 2015) (Outstanding Musical Composition 2015) (Outstanding On-Screen Talent, Performer/Narrator 2015)